Concept Carbide




Concept Tool and Gage has evolved over the last 30 years with the cutting tool industry. In 1979, we started with 100% manual grinders. We still maintain a full "manual" capability, but over 80% of our work is currently done on state of the art CNC equipment.


3ea  Walter Helitronic 600 CNC Grinders with Auto-Loaders.

1ea  Walter Helitronic 500 CNC Grinder

1ea  Walter "CYBER-GRIND" System.

1ea  Tru-Tech Systems 3 Axis CNC Centerless Grinder.

1ea  Weldon CNC OD Grinder.

3ea  Myford Automatic OD Grinders.

1ea  Browne & Sharp OD Grinder.

1ea  J&L 30" Optical Comparator.

5ea  J&L 14" Optical Comparitors.

2ea Deltronic 14" Optical Comparators.

3ea Harig Surface Grinders.

5ea. K.O. Lee Cutter Grinders



Walter Helitronic


Tru-Tech CNC Centerless Grinder

Myford OD Grinder